The Persona Glove

Persona Glove
Persona Glove

Thursday, 3:15.

All day you thought it was Friday. Your mind was set for Friday.

It isn’t Friday.

There is an entire freaking-other workday to get through. Eight. More Hours. Nine if you count lunch. So many hours. And papers. Lots of papers.

How is one to manage? What would Audrey Hepburn do? Well, she likely wouldn’t curse the computer or kick co-workers. No. Audrey had class. Perhaps you can summon your inner-Audrey…create a persona, if you will. An office persona. One that smiles and and endures. Oh, and she is stylish. Quite stylish.

So slip on these oh-so-proper gloves–properly warm, too–and kick Thursday to the curb.

Size: Fits S-M

*Note: button selection may vary, based on availability.

Shop The Print and Plaid Co. 


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