Born of Fandoms, Sweat, and Desperation…

Crafted from the tears of a thousand fandoms, the sweat from the back of lowly office grunts, and the quiet desperation of middle aged moms….one late September evening, under the light of the waxing moon, ThePrintAndPlaidCo was born.

We strive to bring warmth and whimsy to your wardrobe with a collection of accessories that joins fashion and fandoms, oddball and office, and prints and plaids.

Our Girl Friday line of accessories is perfect for the Arctic Tundra that is The Office Workspace. Cold hands thaw in the warmth of our fingerless gloves, allowing frigid fingers to once again type and text.

The Mad4Plaid line of accessories consists of bold tartans, some of which are inspired by one of our favorite books…Outlander! Speaking of books, our fingerless Reading Gloves are not only warm, but also keep your digits free for other things…like turning pages, wiping tears, or stress-eating during The Really Important Part of the book.

We are constantly sewing, taking photos, and uploading these bits of our soul…  Thank you for letting us share them with you.

Where the magic happens…